Tuesday 9 September 2008

TWD: Another week, another cookie recipe

As I mentioned in my last post, this week's TWD pick is yet another cookie with a mouthful of a name - Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops. Just reading through the ingredient list of this cookie made my mouth water, literally. Filled with maltesers, chocolate chunks and malted milk powder, all flavours that I love, what's not to like?

Like most cookie recipes, this one was pretty easy to put together so I managed to do this in-between cooking dinner on Sunday night. The only slightly unusual thing about this recipe is the consistency of the batter, which as Dorie notes in her book, is more like a fudge or frosting texture than that of a traditional cookie dough. Having read the warning in the book, though, I wasn't concerned with the look of my batter.

As the cookies were baking in the oven, M caught a whiff of them and asked what we were having for dinner. When I told him cookies (jokingly of course) his response was "Sweet! Cookies for dinner." I don't think he was joking by the way. M has one of the sweetest tooths of any guy I know. Lucky for me since I need help devouring all the treats that TWD has me making!

All through dinner, both M and myself were thinking of the sumptious pile of cookies on the cookie rack and it was with incredible restraint that we managed to finish our dinner first being diving into the cookies. The verdict? I thought the cookie was nice and chocolately and I liked the chewiness of the maltesers in them. To be honest, I wasn't a great fan of the cakey texture of the cookie though - I would have preferred something with a bit more crisp in it. As such, of all the cookie recipes that TWD has done recently, the Granola Grabbers are still my hands down favourite. I just read next week's TWD pick however, and it looks like there's one more cookie recipe for next week. Stay tuned to see if it has what it takes to knock the Granola Grabbers off its throne.

For recipe, click here.