Wednesday 26 November 2008

Happy Turkey Day! (TWD edition)

To those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, Happy Turkey Day. Although Thanksgiving is not officially a holiday here in London, there are enough Americans here that the significance of the day is still felt. Besides, 10 years of living in the US means I vividly recall the Thanksgiving feasts with all the requisite celebratory fare.

Unfortunately for me, I never developed a palate for pumpkin pie while I lived there... Chalk it up to fussy taste buds. In the last few years, however, I've become decidedly more adventurous in the things that I eat and pumpkin is now one of my favourite fall flavours. It is well-timed then, that this week's TWD recipe is the Thanksgiving Twofer pie, a combination pumpkin and pecan pie.

It was my first time making pumpkin pie and I think I must have had a little mishap because for some reason, my pie doesn't quite look like some of the pictures I've seen from fellow TWDers. Still, its the taste that counts and I still enjoyed it very much. I do, however, prefer just a plain pumpkin pie an think I will stick to that instead in the future.

For recipe, click here.